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Wool Dryer Balls

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Clean Mama Wool Dryer Balls are unbleached and fragrance-free wool from family-owned farms in New Zealand and hand-felted by women in Nepal to support their families with this craft.

Product Details

  • 6 wool dryer balls + drawstring bag
  • reduces drying time
  • lasts for up to 1000 loads of laundry
  • eco-friendly
  • soften laundry naturally
  • no dyes or perfumes
  • biodegradable + antimicrobial

How to Use

Place 3-6 dryer balls in the dryer with your wet, clean laundry. You can leave the dryer balls in your dryer or place in a cute dish or jar when not in use.

Quick Tip: Add a couple drops of your favorite essential oils to the wool dryer balls, let dry completely and toss in with your next load for a subtle scent.


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