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Guide to Laundry

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Let’s simplify laundry, shall we? ✨

It doesn’t have to be difficult!  Clean Mama’s Guide to Laundry is complete with how to clean and maintain your washer and dryer, how to fold just about everything (complete with hand-drawn illustrations) laundry symbol guide, finding your laundry system, and more!

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Product Details

Clean Mama's Guide to Laundry is a 25-page fillable + printable PDF document that includes the following pages:

  • Cover + Table of Contents
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Laundry Schedule
  • A System for Laundry
  • How to Clean Your Top Loading Washing Machine
  • How to Clean Your Front Loading Washing Machine
  • How to Maintain and Clean Your Dryer
  • How to Fold Anything and Everything
  • Fold & Store – Fitted or Flat Sheets
  • Fold & Store – How to Insert a Duvet into a Duvet Cover
  • Fold & Store – Wash Cloths, Hand Towels or Bath Towels
  • Fold & Store – Any and All Clothing
  • The Laundry List – What You Need, What You Don't!
  • The Secret to Soft and Fluffy Towels
  • How to Naturally Strip Laundry
  • Laundry Care Guide
  • Fabric Care Guide
  • Stain Chart
  • Featured Products


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