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Guide to Bathrooms

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How to Clean, Declutter & Organize 

The bathroom(s) can be a challenge to clean, let alone deep clean. The Guide to Bathrooms breaks down all the things to clean in the bathroom and how to keep it that way!

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Product Details

Clean Mama's Guide to Bathrooms is a 29-page fillable + printable PDF document with the following pages:

  • Cover + Table of Contents
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Let's Put Together a Bathroom Cleaning Caddy
  • Quick Tips for Clean Bathrooms
  • Bathroom Cleaning
  • DIY Bathroom Cleaning Recipes
  • Bathroom Quick Clean – a Monday Routine
  • Bathroom Deep Clean Checklist
  • How to Clean a Toilet
  • How to Clean a Glass Shower
  • Disinfecting in the Bathroom (without bleach)
  • Bathroom Decluttering
  • The Declutter Process
  • Bathroom Planning Grid
  • How Many Should I Keep Bathroom Edition
  • Quick Bathroom Declutter
  • Bathroom Organizing
  • Bathroom Inventory Guide
  • Bathroom Inventory
  • Bathroom Storage
  • Maintaining Your Clean Bathroom
  • Routine at a Glance
  • Weekly Planner
  • Blank Weely Planner


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