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Guide to a Flexible Routine

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Set up a cleaning routine that works with your schedule, not against it. ✨

Struggling to come up with a cleaning routine that works with your busy or untraditional schedule? The Guide to a Flexible Routine will show you how to implement Clean Mama’s simple and proven methods to clean your home with the least amount of time and effort.

Let Clean Mama guide you toward that clean and cozy home you’ve been wanting. The Clean Mama Routine paired with Clean Mama’s tips for any schedule are just what you need!

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Start at the beginning of this pdf packet and follow along as you find new ways to incorporate cleaning tasks. As you work through your week, you’ll find that even a couple minutes every day does make a difference!

Clean Mama has been helping families figure out how to incorporate and tweak the Clean Mama Routine in their homes, this pdf is your guide! Regardless of your schedule and routine, the Guide to a Flexible Routine will have you re-thinking your habits and forming new ones, all leading to a clean and cozy home all week long. No more all-day cleaning sessions on the weekends!

Please note: No refunds on PDFs due to the nature of the product.

Product Details

Here's what's included in this 28-page fillable + printable PDF document:

  • Quick Start Guide
  • Routine at a Glance
  • Sunday Planner
  • Monday Planner
  • Tuesday Planner
  • Wednesday Planner
  • Thursday Planner
  • Friday Planner
  • Saturday Planner
  • Rotating Tasks: January – December
  • Monthly Focus: January + February
  • Monthly Focus: March + April
  • Monthly Focus: May + June
  • Monthly Focus: July + August
  • Monthly Focus: September + October
  • Monthly Focus: November + December
  • Peek at the Week
  • Weekly Planner (Pre-filled)
  • Weekly Planner (Blank)
  • Monthly Planner
  • Daily Routine
  • Time-tracker
  • Resources


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