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30 Day Cleaning Class

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Intro-Pricing - less than a dollar a day! Join before June 1st - 30 days of emails starts on June 1st!

You don’t need more cleaning inspiration, you need a system!

No more excuses - your clean home solution is here! Are you struggling to get started and get unstuck in your cleaning routine? Can’t figure out why you don’t have time to clean? Looking for someone to hold your hand and guide you through the dailies in an approachable, simplified way?

Clean Mama is taking you day by day through WHAT to clean and HOW to clean it every day for 30 days!  Cleaning Class is brand-new and a fresh approach to help you take your home back and finally find out the secret to a clean home in minutes a day!

If you feel overwhelmed, don’t know where or how to start, or just need a little encouragement, this is the program for you!  You’ll ease into a routine AND it will stick!  This simple approach emphasizes daily wins and progress. Join us today!

Who is this for?

  • Anyone that has tried the Clean Mama Routine and hasn’t gotten it to ‘stick’.
  • If you’re overwhelmed with all there is to do and need help getting started or finding the time, this is for you!
  • If you work long hours, work outside the home, inside the home (or both!), you’ll quickly see that with focus and this simple Routine, it’s easier than ever to implement! 

What’s included

  • 30 days of DAILY emails (sent at 5am in your timezone!) with the day's tasks - this includes the Daily Tasks, Weekly Tasks, and introduction of the Rotating Tasks. Each email also includes brand-new video content, helpful blog post links, product recommendations, and more!  Every email is different and each week has a theme: Week 1 - Daily Tasks, Week 2 - Weekly Tasks, Week 3 Rotating Tasks, Week 4 Monthly Focus
  • 15 additional days of support (for a total of 45 days) - 4 more emails to check in on you and your progress as you work through the Clean Mama Routine on your own. These emails also include additional help with the Rotating Tasks and guidance on adding those in to your days with ease.
  • 30 Day Cleaning Class Guide PDF
  • Access to Clean Mama by email and/or a video or phone chat (additional fee for a 15 minute or 30 minute video or phone chat) to talk through challenges or to tackle an area in your home together!


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