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Spring Clean Anytime
Spring Clean Anytime
Spring Clean Anytime

Spring Clean Anytime

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SPRING CLEAN ANYTIME is a 12 page pdf guide designed to take the guesswork spring cleaning or deep cleaning anytime of the year.  Simple and straightforward, this printable kit includes pages for your homekeeping binder or notebook and functional checklists sure get your home spring-cleaned in a hurry.  You'll find 6 safe DIY cleaning recipes that you can make with products you probably have in your home.  

Get ready to tackle a little bit every day and move forward to a clean and organized home. Spring Cleaning shouldn’t be difficult….use this essential kit to simplify your spring cleaning

SPRING CLEAN ANYTIME includes 12 pages:

  • SPRING CLEANING QUICKSTART - supply list, ingredients list, and a simple spring cleaning checklist.
  • RECIPES FOR SPRING CLEANING - 6 essential recipes to clean your home from top to bottom with room and area suggestions (all-purpose, window + mirror, soft cleaning paste, cleaning by bucket, powder scrub, disinfecting cleaner).
  • 60 MINUTE SPRING CLEANING - want to spring clean your home but don’t have the time?  No problem!  Try this quick list to maximize your time and minimize your effort.
  • WHOLE HOME CHECKLIST  - Want to clean your entire home in assembly line fashion?  Follow this list!
  • ROOM-BY-ROOM SPRING CLEANING CHECKLISTS (8 lists / 4 pages) - Prefer to work room by room?  These thorough checklists are sure to get the cleaning done efficiently in an order that makes sense and thoroughly!  Lists include: kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, living areas, laundry room, entryway/mudroom, 2 blank lists
  • 2 BLANK SPRING CLEANING MONTHLY CALENDARS - undated, Sunday start, and Monday start - Need to map out your cleaning?  Use these calendars to sketch out your plan.
  • MY HOME CHECKLIST - as you’re cleaning you will most likely come across other things that need to be accomplished.  Don’t get sidetracked - jot them down and complete later.

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