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Spray Bottle Starter Kit

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Introducing...Clean Mama's Color Coded Cleaning System!

Let's make cleaning cute AND color-coded! Grab the Spray Bottle Starter Kit at a savings! Perfect for DIY'ing all your cleaners. The SPRAY BOTTLE STARTER KIT includes a set of 6 spray bottles + 6 color coding bands.

All orders with the color-coding bands include a darling reference card to keep your cleaners straight or come up with your own system. The pure silicone bands are perfectly sized for Clean Mama's Glass Spray Bottles and Glass Mason Jars and provide a slip-proof grip and protection against breakage.

Product Details

The Starter Kit Includes

  • 6 Glass Spray Bottles
  • 6 Color Coding Bands: all-purpose (aqua), disinfecting (yellow), glass (clear), stainless (gray), tub + shower (teal), stone (lime)
  • 1 Color Coding reference card


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