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Clean Mama's Make Your Own Cleaner

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Finally! The perfect spray bottle for making your own cleaner! With four recipes to choose from you can mix and clean anytime.

Product Details

  • each spray bottle comes in a printed box - great for gift-giving
  • bottle is made and printed in the USA
  • holds approximately 16 oz. of liquid
  • black trigger sprayer with spray/stream/closed adjustments on nozzle
  • glass is lead-free // sprayer is BPA free

How to Use

  1. Fill to the dotted line with water
  2. Choose your desired cleaner:
    – Just About Anywhere Spray
    – All Purpose Disinfecting Spray
    – Window + Mirror Cleaning Spray
    – Marble + Granite Cleaning Spray
  3. Finish with 'Add' Ingredients
  4. Put an 'X'(a wet erase marker works great) or a tiny sticker over the circle so you know which cleaner is in the bottle
  5. Shake, Spray, Wipe, Repeat!


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