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Guide to Going Paper-Less

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Less paper with well-designed systems in place. ✨

The Guide to Going Paper-Less is a 24-page PDF guide designed to help you minimize your paper clutter and figure out systems that work for your home. This guide is designed to take you from paper clutter to paper-less in simple, manageable steps.

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Please note: No refunds on PDFs due to the nature of the product.

Product Details

Here's what's included in this 24-page fillable + printable PDF document:

  • Paper-Less Quick Start
  • A Plan for Paper
  • Toss, File, Shred + In-Process Printable Pages
  • Systems Put an End to Paper Clutter
  • Ideas for Ending Paper Clutter
  • Systems to Eliminate Paper Clutter Checklist
  • Systems to Eliminate Paper Clutter Blank Checklists
  • Set up a Simple Filing System
  • Paper Piles Checklist
  • Filing System Tips
  • Filing System Guide
  • How Long to Keep it For Guide
  • Paper Sorting Guide
  • Space for Notes
  • Blank Checklist


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