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Homekeeping + Cleaning Kit
Homekeeping + Cleaning Kit
Homekeeping + Cleaning Kit

Homekeeping + Cleaning Kit

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If you’ve struggled with cleaning and homekeeping or have a great system in place, this simple format is perfect to get your home clean and organized with Clean Mama’s proven method.

Simply print off the pages and get ready to tackle a little bit every day and move forward to a clean and organized home. Homekeeping shouldn’t be difficult….all it takes is a little time, a lot of effort, and consistency. 

CLEAN MAMA'S Homekeeping + Cleaning Kit includes 23 documents:

  • Cover
  • The Clean Mama 'Everyday a Little Something' Cleaning Routine - 2 page explanation to guide you through the kit and to help you establish a consistent and effective cleaning routine
  • Monthly Focus Checklists - 2 months/page -- 6 pages total
  • Once-a-Week Cleaning Checklist - blank
  • Once-a-Week Cleaning Checklist - pre-filled
  • Weekly Cleaning Checklist - blank
  • Weekly Cleaning Checklist - pre-filled
  • WHOLE HOME Quick Clean Checklist
  • LIVING SPACES Quick Clean Checklist
  • BATHROOMS Quick Clean Checklist
  • BEDROOMS Quick Clean Checklist
  • KITCHEN Quick Clean Checklist
  • KITCHEN APPLIANCES Quick Clean Checklist
  • ROTATING Cleaning Checklist - January-December
  • ROTATING Cleaning Checklist - no months
  • ROTATING Cleaning Checklist - blank

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