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Guide to a Clean Home

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Finding Peace in your Routine 

If you are looking for an easy way to clean your home while enjoy your busy life, this is it! It will take time and a little figuring out, but it’s worth it and within no time you’ll love the home you’re in.

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Just minutes a day, simple action steps, and no marathon cleaning sessions on the weekends is THE way to clean your home. Ready?

Please note: No refunds on PDFs due to the nature of the product.

Product Details

Clean Mama's Guide to a Clean Home includes a 52-page fillable + printable PDF document with the following pages:

  • Cover + Table of Contents
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Using the Clean Mama Routine
  • The Daily Tasks Checklists
  • Pre-Filled + Blank Daily Task Trackers
  • The Weekly Tasks Checklists
  • Pre-Filled + Blank Weekly Cleaning Checklists
  • Pre-Filled + Blank Complete Cleaning Checklists
  • Pre-Filled + Blank One-A-Week Cleaning Checklists
  • The Rotating Tasks Checklists
  • Rotating Cleaning Checklist
  • Pick-A-Month Rotating Cleaning Checklist
  • Blank Rotating Cleaning Checklist
  • 12 Monthly Focus Checklists (2 months per page)
  • Favorite DIY Recipes
  • Lavender + Lemon Disinfecting Cleaner, Tea Tree Mildew Remover, Rust + Mineral Deposit Remover
  • Daily Shower Spray, Nightly Sink Scrub, Hardwood Floor Cleaner, Mattress + Carpet Freshener
  • All-Purpose Cleaner, Window + Glass Cleaner, Soft Cleaning Paste, Powder Scrub
  • Disinfecting Cleaner, Cleaning by the Bucket, Lavender + Lemon Fabric Freshener, Stone Cleaning Spray
  • Blank DIY Recipe Cards
  • Quick Clean Checklists
  • Kitchen Appliances, Kitchen, Bedrooms, Living Spaces + Whole House Quick Cleans
  • 15 Minute Bathroom Quick Clean
  • Washing Machine Quick Clean (for top + front-loading washers)
  • Dishwasher Quick Clean
  • Spring Cleaning Checklists
  • Spring Cleaning Quick Start
  • 60 Minute Spring Clean
  • Whole Home + Home Project Checklists
  • Room-By-Room Checklists for Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedrooms, Living Areas, Laundry Room + Entryway / Mudroom
  • Blank Room-By-Room Checklist


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